I’m locked out of my apartment, what do I do?
Per your lease, we do not offer lock out services. You would need to contact a locksmith at your own expense
Who do I call if I have a maintenance emergency?
For maintenance emergencies (water leak, gas leak, no heat during the winter, no a/c during the summer) you would call us at 970-632-6055 and press 0 for the emergency line. If this line is used for a non emergency, this results in a $50 charge added to your account.
How do I put in a maintenance request?
You can submit a service request through your online tenant portal.
How much notice will I be given if someone is needing to enter my unit?
While it is not required for us to give any certain amount of time to enter any unit, especially for emergencies, we do try and give tenants reasonable notice.
When will I be offered a renewal?
Renewal offers, if qualified, typically go out in February or March.

Can I add/change/remove roommates off my lease?

(1) if you are adding someone to your lease they would need to apply on our website and get approved as any normal tenant would, and then the new roommate and the old ones would all sign a document (provided by the office) adding this person to the lease.
(2) if you are removing someone from your lease, this depends on if you are the approved tenant. If your roommate does not qualify on their own, we cannot let anyone else out of the lease until a new person is found who qualifies for the apartment. If your roommate qualifies on their own, you would both sign a document removing you from the lease (provided by the office).
(3) If someone is being adding while someone is simultaneously being removed, the new resident would follow section 1 in order for the vacating resident to be removed.
These modifications to the lease include a $150 administrative fee. If there is a request for a roommate modification, a document explaining the options and process will be emailed to you from the office.

What are my options for terminating early?
We provide two options, per your lease, for terminating your lease early. The information below and additional information will be emailed to you from the office once you inquire about terminating your lease early.

  • PAY AN EARLY TERMINATION OPTION FEE: The Early termination fee is equal to 3x the monthly rent. While this seemingly is the more expensive option, the other option could potentially end up costing more money depending on how many units we have available versus how many people are interested in leasing at this time.
  • RENT RESPONSIBLE (I.E. RELETTING) Per your lease, all Re-Lease processes have an administrative fee, which is 35% of one month’s rent. This fee will be deducted from your security deposit when it is returned.  The tenant(s) who wish to re-lease should notify us, in writing, their intention to re-lease and the date they want to vacate. All move outs are by noon on the day of vacate. Move outs can only happen between Monday-Thursday. Move ins are only available Monday-Friday. New tenants will sign a lease to occupy at noon on the next day.  You are responsible for finding someone to move in to your apartment; this includes doing all the showings for your re-lease. You may want to advertise the apartment through CU, CSU, Facebook Marketplace, or post notices where permitted at the University.  When you have found someone ready and willing to lease your apartment through the remaining lease term, prospective tenant(s) will need to complete the Helix Online rental application, (available at pay the $48 non-refundable application fee, and pay a unit reservation fee (equal to one month’s rent).  Once they are approved, they will sign a new lease for the remainder of your lease term.  You must also sign an agreement stating that your lease is terminating effective the day before the new lease begins.  Prior to the date you vacate, you will receive additional move-out instructions including cleaning instructions and security deposit return information. You should leave a forwarding address and keys in your empty apartment. You will be expected to continue to pay rent until a new tenant is found. The earlier you get started, the easier it will be for you to find someone.

Cat – 1 cat ($400 refundable deposit)
2 cats ($750 total refundable deposit)
Dog – 1 dog $400 refundable deposit)
– 2 dogs ($750 total refundable deposit) – if property allows for two dogs. Needs to be approved by manager
Pet Monthly Rent – $25/cat & $35/dog.
Any pets beyond cat and dog (i.e. birds, hamsters, etc.) need to be approved


At Helix we want to ensure that we provide you with as much support in outside resources for those going through hard times due to COVID-19. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at our office 970-632-6055.

In an emergency, find churches, charities, or government assistance grants that offer emergency financial help or free stuff. Find help with paying for  rent or security deposits in the Fort Collins area. There is also free food from pantries, cash grants to pay electric or utility bills, cash loans for paying bills or medical or dental care in Larimer County along with medications.


The Neighbor to Neighbor program provides rent, foreclosure counseling, and overall housing assistance to families in Larimer County. Neighbor to Neighbor is a nonprofit organization that was created in 1970 to assist families and individuals with affordable housing as well as rent opportunities in Larimer County Colorado.

The nonprofit organization offers three different assistance programs in Larimer County. They include the tenant program which provides rent assistance and security deposit help to struggling families, and this may be provided in the form of grants or other sources of funds. They also offer rent counseling to help people find and also maintain stable and financially appropriate apartments and other housing.

The Neighbor to Neighbor program helps almost 500 families per year to find stable rent and housing, so it is effective. They are one resource for preventing homelessness in the region.

Call 970-484-7498 or visit their website here.


Catholic Charities Larimer County assists with utility shut offs and disconnections from Xcel, City of Fort Collins, propane, and REA. The support is for residents of Berthoud, Loveland, Fort Collins and north to the Wyoming Colorado border.

Call 970-494-4388 or visit their website here.


Larimer County Department of Human Services runs various social services and public assistance programs. They include the AKA Supplemental Nutrition/Food Assistance Program which can offer supplemental food assistance and groceries for low income households. In addition, work experience, job training and job placement services are provided in partnership with Larimer County Workforce Center. They run the federal government LEAP (Low Income Energy Assistance Program), that can help pay winter heating costs and bills, including kerosene, natural gas, propane, electricity, fuel oil, wood, coal, etc. for qualifying individuals and families. Receive cash from Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF). Public aid is available for families of at least one parent and one child. Last, the Larimer County Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) provides subsidized child care and vouchers to families seeking help with child care costs while parents work or participate in job training.

1501 Blue Spruce Dr, Fort Collins, Colorado 80524, dial 970-498-7730.


visit their website here


For the latest up to date information about the impact of COVID-19 in Larimer County, visit the county website here.


Food assistance in Larimer County
Low income families can contact the Food Bank for Larimer County at 970-493-4477, which is located in Fort Collins Colorado. Three programs offered include Food Share, Food Link and Kids Cafe.

St John’s Lutheran Church of Fort Collins Colorado is a church that will provide food to families and individuals who are requesting aid at no cost. Free food is provided on a short term basis to those in need of help. Call 970-482-5316

SERVE 6.8 (formerly) Vineyard Church may be able to supply emergency food bags, and various household and hygiene items as they are donated to low income in Larimer County Colorado. The agency is made up of local churches that help residents facing financial hardship and crisis by providing food, clothing and other services. Appointments are needed. The address is 1600 E. Mulberry and Appointment Phone Number is (970)-449-5404.